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About Moja

Welcome to Moja Audio Post Production!


Moja is an independent London based audio post production company providing services for TV and film productions.

Our team is passionate about what they do and creatively motivated.

Our Services

At Moja we ensure to deliver the highest quality of work so our clients stay happy and keep coming back.

  • Remote Working
  • Sound Mixing – 5.1 and stereo
  • Dialogue Editing – Restoration, enhance clarity, remove background hiss/noise, clicks and unwanted noise
  • Sound Design – Well crafted sound design including 3TB of SFX libraries
  • Consulting
  • Broadcast Compliant Deliverables



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Sound Editing

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Sound Design

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Broadcast Compliant Delivery



Our Work

Our amazing team of sound editors and mixers are acreditted across all major global platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Channel Five and many more!


Podcast Services

We’ll edit your first episode completely FREE! 

That way you can see if we are right for you or not, without spending any money!

With every plan we will include:

Get in touch today!

You Record

All you have to do is record your podcast and send us the audio files

We Edit

Our talented team will edit out mistakes (ers & umms), remove unwanted noises, close long gaps and add your music

We Publish

We can recommend our favourite hosting platforms if you don't have one. You just have to sign up and we'll manage the account.

They Listen

Your listeners enjoy your amazing podcast!


Why choose us?

Your first episode with us for FREE!

100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied!

No contract!

We guarantee a 72 hour turn around!


Our podcast editing, mastering and sound design services ensure that your content is delivered to your listeners to the highest quality possible. Our highly experienced team will take your content to the next level.

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